Perspective Drawings

Fig : These are one of my dads oldest suitcases that I sketched using micron pen while it was in two point perspective.
Fig : Its a very quick sketch of a nearby town that I visited, I firstly quickly rendered it with pencil and then with micron pen.
Fig : This is again part of the town in two point perspective that i quickly rendered and painted with water color later.
Fig : This is one of an oldest cupboard my mom had received during her marriage, and I adore its little antique but yet not so antique look.
Fig : This is a quick sketch of a ladder that the painter was standing on to paint the ceiling.
Fig : This is one of my favorite part of my house, its the backyard, where I can see the trees, the pond and the fields beyond. This artwork was done in watercolor.




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Sabiha Tanzeer

Sabiha Tanzeer

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